Why Us?

Since the legalization of marijuana in the state of Colorado, there have been many dispensaries to choose from, and it has become a huge market statewide. And with all of the optional places to make your next medical marijuana purchase, how do you choose the best location? When looking for a marijuana dispensary, you want to find a location that is convenient, purchase from someone who knows about marijuana, and you want the opportunity to choose from as many products as possible.

You have the choice to go anywhere to buy your medical or recreational marijuana, but you don’t want to go to just any dispensary in Colorado Springs. Choose a dispensary that has everything you need in one location. For the best dispensary, you will want to go to Dr. Releaf.

40 Years Growing Experience in Colorado Springs

Dr. Releaf have over 40 years of experience with farming and agriculture, a skill that allows them to grow the best products for you. Because of their extensive experience in farming, they have been able to provide you with over 30 strains of top shelf medical marijuana. The benefit of having over 30 strains means they can accommodate more of our guests and provide them with the product they need to help them seek the relief they desire.


  • Over 30 strains of top shelf medical marijuana!

What Marijuana Products Do They Have?

Dr. Releaf, is not like any other dispensary in Colorado Springs. Some dispensaries focus on medical marijuana more than recreational. Dr. Releaf focuses on both. Not only do they have 30 different strains of top shelf marijuana, they also have a variety of edibles to choose from like brownies, cookies, caramels, and more. They also provide their guests with a wide selection of CBDs, cannabis, pre-rolled products, concentrates, topicals, and pipes and other accessories.


(Products Contain THC & CBD)

  • Marijuana Lotion
  • Cana Balm
  • Pheonix Tears Oil
  • Infused Bath Salts



  • Prerolled (Raw Authentic Rolling Paper, Strain Specific)
  • Vape Cartridges
  • CBD Capsules

Is Dr. Releaf Expensive?

They offer very low prices for our customers daily, and even lower prices for our members, which makes us your preferred marijuana dispensary. Their competitive prices give you the freedom to choose multiple products at these low prices so you can leave feeling happy about your purchases and happy about the cost.

Where Can I Find Dr. Releaf?

While other marijuana dispensaries have just one location, Dr. Releaf can be found in two convenient locations in Colorado Springs. Our guests can purchase any of our products at either our Wooten location or our Willamette location. Giving you more places to find the products you need provides you with more satisfaction in your purchases with us.


Dr. Releaf at Willamette
2639 E Willamette Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80909
Dr. Releaf at Wooten
815 Wooten Rd Colorado Springs, CO 80915


Give us a call: (719) 635-0929

We want to give our customers the best experience and the best options when it comes to marijuana. For the best service and marijuana products, visit your favorite dispensary in Colorado Springs, Dr. Releaf. Call or visit us today to get more information about how we can help you today.

Why Choose Us:

  • Comprehensive Menu
  • Open 7 Days a Week
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • 40 Years of Farming & Agricultural Experience

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