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The Medical Marijuana Industry has become more diverse with Marijuana infused Topicals. In fact, marijuana topicals may change the way a lot of people consume marijuana. Topicals are lotions, balms, and oils that contain THC and CBD. Marijuana is now effective without smoking it or eating THC infused foods.

Topicals work because of the natural cannabinoid receptors people have in their skin. Lotions and balms will not usually get through the blood stream but will stimulate receptors in the skin. This means that marijuana will give the same beneficial effects from the medicine without the euphoric effects of THC. Many people will consider this to be safer because it does not get a person high. This is false, topicals will usually not get through the blood stream but that doesn’t mean they can’t. If there is a large enough THC content and the oils are able to break through the blood stream it is possible for the person to get the same euphoric effects they would get from smoking it. Topicals are still to be used with safety and caution like any other marijuana product. Users should not operate any forms of vehicles or heavy machinery while on this medication because it can affect the person ability to drive or operate the machinery. If someone chooses to disregard these warnings, it can lead to injury, death, and/or fines and penalties.

Topicals make it possible for the user to get the awesome benefits from medical marijuana without severe side effects. The most severe of these being the high that THC causes. With topicals, non-smokers don’t have to worry about the health of their lungs or an anxiety caused by the euphoric effects of marijuana. The oils are also a lot harder to gain a tolerance too. The oils are considered to be non-addictive because topicals do no offer euphoric pleasures. Topicals are great for sore muscles, sharp pains, and for bringing down inflammation in muscles and joints. This being said, people suffering from arthritis, MS, or chronic pains pay benefit greatly, especially if they have been looking for a medical remedy that won’t result in them feeling high or indulging in the act of smoking. After all, smoking in any form is not healthy.

Marijuana has been used medically by humans for thousands of years. Yes thousands, in fact humans have been growing it since to dawn of the human existence. The oldest man made artifact ever found till this day is a piece if hemp rope. The Romans found it to be a huge luxury to take THC steam baths. This is the closest man has been in over a thousand years to marijuana’s newest form of medicine. The Romans found it to be good for their muscles and joints to take THC steam baths from time to time. Little did we know this was the first form of any topical discovered, the steam would do the same thing the marijuana oils do and absorb into the skin. Steam baths do not usually result in a person getting euphoric effect for the same reason as any other topical. The Romans also built concrete way stronger than anyone else. At 2000 years old, Roman concrete is in better condition than concrete in the United States that is 100 years old. Is it possible that the Romans were good at making concrete as well as being more medically advanced than we ever knew? What other secrets could they have had? Could they have found a significant discovery within marijuana that they kept as secret as the recipe to their concrete?

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