Smoking Marijuana

Smoking Marijuana

Marijuana can now be consumed in quite a few different ways. However, the most popular way of consuming cannabis is still to smoke it.

When marijuana is smoked, the lungs absorb the cannabinoids, the chemical compound produced by marijuana. The cannabinoids enter the blood stream and make their way to the brain. Inhaled cannabinoids are absorbed quickly and diminish quickly, which means that the high from smoking marijuana does not last very long.

People who consume cannabis in other ways, like edibles, must wait an hour to feel its effects, but will feel them for a longer period of time. This is because the stomach and the liver take longer to digest the cannabinoids than the lungs take to absorb them.

Smoking marijuana has a very similar effect to vaping it because both processes are consumed by inhaling the active ingredient through the lungs. Not only are the effects similar, but the durations of the effects are about the same. However, vaporizing cannabis eliminates harmful components that are released when marijuana is combusted (burned).

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