In the United States, over 400,000 people suffer from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). It is an illness that damages the nervous system, and causes miscommunication between the brain and body. It can also cause random pains, aches, stiffness, and much more. Patients who suffer from this disease often find it difficult to maintain balance or to even move. Nerve problems can get severe enough to cause an overactive bladder as well.

Recent research regarding MS has found that medical marijuana can help ease the pressures of the symptoms of this disease. Patients who experimented with marijuana have found that it eases the severity of their nerve pain, overactive bladder, and spasms.

Understandably, MS can also lead to clinical depression and emotional dysfunction. Emotional stability is another area that marijuana has been shown to help. Studies show that a person’s mood improves and depression has a tendency to subside when this drug is taken.

Marijuana, like many other medications, can take some time before it has a pronounced effect on patients. However, it does not often take much longer than a week of using marijuana before most patients have found some of the benefits.

There are other medications for Multiple Sclerosis, and some doctors recommend that these be used before trying marijuana. However, for those who have tried other medications, and still find that they need relief, marijuana is a possible option.

Marijuana is available in pill form as well as spray, both of which are recommended over smoking. This is because even though smoking marijuana in theory will have the same effect, many doctors will agree that smoking cannabis is not the safest way to use as the smoke is hot, and can cause discomfort in the patient’s lungs.

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