Glaucoma Treatment and Prevention

Muscle inflation and chronic pain can be substantially helped with medical marijuana. This is why marijuana has often been used to treat and prevent glaucoma. Glaucoma is a condition caused by either a lack or surplus of aqueous humor. The lack or surplus of aqueous humor causes pressure on the eye that can damage the optical nerve. If glaucoma goes without treatment it can even lead to blindness.


Fortunately, doctors across the nation have been finding that marijuana alleviates inflamation and pressure in the eyes. For many, glaucoma can be painful. Not only does marijuana bring the swelling down and relieve the pain, but it lowers the risk of damage being done to the optic nerve.

The CBD components in marijuana have been found to be the most effective due to their ability to anti-inflammation quality. This means that people can take marijuana infused medicines that do not contain THC and will not get them high. However, patients can use either marijuana infused medicines with or without THC for glaucoma depending on their preferences.


Marijuana can also prevent glaucoma. Since marijuana is an anti-inflammatory, it is always bringing down unneeded swelling throughout the body.

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