Marijuana and Arthritis

Arthritis effects more than 57 million people throughout the world and the numbers are growing. There are many different types of arthritis. Arthritis wears down nerves and causes inflammation in the joints of peoples hands, feet, and other limbs and appendages.

In recent years, studies using non-psychoactive cannabinoids have been conducted to see if it helps repair the damaged nerves. Thus far these studies, conducted by the Arthritis Society, have shown that marijuana can indeed be helpful for arthritis patients. Cannabis has been known to bring down inflammation in lots of cases in which people are suffering from chronic pain, so it should be no surprise that it does the same thing for arthritis.

The cannabinoids are able to activate CB2 receptors. The activation of CB2 receptors relieves pain and brings down inflammation in joint tissue. Studies have already proved cannabis to prevent further arthritis, relieve the pain, and bring down inflammation of joint tissue in arthritis patients. Health Canada has since agreed with the Arthritis Society to do another study that will be finished by the end of 2016.

Katie Marsh, a woman from Maine, was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. She decided to give cannabis a try and since then has stopped using her other prescription medicines because of the positive results of cannabis. She has since been able to start recovering from arthritis. Katie is only one example of marijuana improving the life of an arthritis sufferer.

Cannabis is a safe alternative medicine. To find out how our products can help with your arthritis, please contact us today!

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