Marijuana and Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s is a tragic disease that causes dementia in the brain. This disease has effected many people across the globe and so far there is no affective cure. The dementia causes a loss of memory and can later result in one losing touch with reality. It can start with things as simple as someone repeating what they have already said, to someone making an alternate reality and life story.

Alzheimer’s is very hard on the patient and their loved ones, as often times the patient will forget memories that they held with their loved ones over a lifetime. Alzheimer’s often occurs in senior citizens but has occurred in citizens as young as 40.

Recent studies, including one at the Salk Institute in San Diego, has shown that marijuana’s cannabinoid components, THC, often lowers the inflation in brain cells, and lowers the amount of amyloids, which are thought to contribute to the degradation of cells in the brain.

Other studies regarding Alzheimer’s disease have shown that marijuana can be neuroprotective against many of Alzheimer’s symptoms such as having less energy, less interest in social activities, mild coordination problems, and mood swings.

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