Marijuana Treatment for Epileptic Seizures

Medical Marijuana has been very beneficial for many people seeking alternative medicines. One of the things most commonly treated with medical marijuana is the problem of epileptic seizures. Many types of epilepsy have been found to be treatable by one of the most abundant components in marijuana: CBD. Since CBD and its non-psychoactive effects cannot get a person high, it has been confirmed that CBD is a relatively safe drug to use for seizures. Since the main focus of helping seizure victims has been placed on CBD instead of THC (which does get people high), it has become safe for anyone to try this marijuana extract.

It has been a breakthrough to discover that marijuana contains such a beneficial compound which does not result in the euphoric effects of intoxication. CBD has few side effects, none of which are considered extreme. Most notably, it is a powerful liver enzyme inhibitor. This means that CBD can increase the concentration of other medications in the body. That being said, the most extreme side effects caused by CBD will result from higher concentrations of other given medications, rather than the CBD itself.

There are many drug-resistant forms of epilepsy that only CBD has been able to help. Many doctors believe that CBD is a lot safer and healthier than taking multiple normally-prescribed medicines. If someone has been trying multiple medications to help with seizures and has had no luck, many doctors would say that CBD is worth a try. CBD and medical marijuana have not been able to help everyone with seizures; however, since CBD is a low-risk medication and is considered a safe and nontoxic compound, it is oftentimes recommended after other medications have not fulfilled their purpose for a patient.

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