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Patients who suffer from depression, epilepsy, anxiety, psychosis disorder, or other illnesses may find that Cannabidiol (CBD) is a great alternative medicine. CBD is one of the components within marijuana. People have experienced fewer side effects when using CBD alone than when using it with THC.

CBD is a natural component within all marijuana strains. However, some strains contain a greater CBD content than others. CBD can also be extracted so that it contains a very low THC percentage. Since the THC percentage in CBD extracts is so small, users will not experience the psychoactive effect from marijuana. THC is the compound in marijuana that produces the psychoactive effect, while CBD itself is a non-psychoactive drug. In other words: THC gets people high and CBD does not.

The power of CBD has been proven to slow down cancer cells, lower muscle inflammation, and even cure seizures. For people who are trying to get the same medical benefits of marijuana without the psychoactive effects, CBD extracts are highly recommended. Another amazing benefit of CBD is that it is non-addictive. The human body will not develop a dependence to this medication.

CBD does not always work well with other medications. Cannabidiol is a compound best metabolized on its own, and it will prevent other medications from being metabolized. However, marijuana does not interact with other drugs. This means that the drug will not be toxic if taken with other medicines, but can slow down or block their effects.

Cannabidiol is a safe alternative medicine. Find out how CBD can help you at the Dr. Releaf Medical Marijuana dispensary.

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