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Are you looking for a dispensary where you can pick up safe, effective, and affordable medical marijuana products? At Dr. Releaf, our Colorado Springs medical marijuana is highly regarded and known for its high quality. Our customers choose us not only for the healing properties of a wide variety of illnesses and disorders that marijuana possesses, but also because our products are grown by a local farmer with over 40 years of farming and agricultural experience. Our owner and his family understand how to develop top-notch products for you!

For your medical needs, we offer a wide range of products such as:

  • Cannabis - We can provide you various types of cannabis, including indica, sativa, and a hybrid form. Choose from over 20 flavors that will make your marijuana even more enjoyable! If you are suffering from seizures, nausea, anxiety, or intense pain talk to us to see how our products may be able to offer you relief from these issues.
  • Concentrates - A concentrated amount of THC that looks like honey or butter in its consistency is a marijuana concentrate. The amount of THC is extremely high compared to other products. Since they are very potent, concentrates must be handled carefully by those who understand their proper usage.
  • Edibles - With edibles, consuming marijuana can be simple and enjoyable! We currently offer edibles such as capsules!

Our products are meant to provide you with a broad spectrum of options that can manage a broad spectrum of medical issues. Whether your symptoms are mild or severe, we will help you to find an effective treatment for your malady. Our goal is to see you happy and healthy! To get started today, call our Colorado Springs medical marijuana dispensary at (719) 635-0929.

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