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If you want options that are tasty in addition to being effective, then you need to stop by our store, located in Colorado Springs! At Dr. Releaf, our staff will help you find the perfect solution to a variety of medical symptoms. Cannabis has been proven to provide relief for many types of problems, including chronic pain, nausea, seizures, anxiety, and depression.

Take a look at our various types and flavors of medical cannabis:

See all of the wonderful strains we have to offer.

Purple Dream

Shoreline #3

Mob Boss

Heavenly Mountains

Blue Dream

Lemon Sour Diesel



Golden Goat

Buddha's Sister


Pineapple Fields

First 48


Titan OG

Chem Dawg

Flo OG

Grape Stomper

Grape Trainwreck

Grilz Milz

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